It's vs Its - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


People often confuse "its" and "it's". "Its" can be a possessive pronoun or possessive adjective indicating ownership. "It's" is the contraction of "it is". In the example "It's great to see the dog play with its toys", "it's" at the beginning is a contraction while "its" at the end is a possessive adjective used to express ownership of the toys.

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A very comprehensive unit which discusses some of the resources often found in classrooms and teaching centers, in addition to a host of online teaching resources accessible by both students and learners. I have also learned new ways of using some of the resources efficiently. The links to the many online resources couldn't have been more useful.In this unit I have learnt various classroom scenarious that we may encounter in our teaching career. Also there was some useful techniques and activities that can be used where teaching specific groups such as beginners, young learners and business students. I have also seen the teaching differences between monolingual and multilingual students.