In Time vs On Time - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


In this video Linda breaks down the difference between "in time" and "on time". Due to the fact that both expressions revolve around time, they can be quite difficult to distinguish. However, this video provides helpful examples and explanations that will help EFL teachers and students alike to grasp the difference.

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In this module we learn the importance of language, pronunciation, punctuation, general writing activities and the importance of games in a classroom. Ensuring and encouraging students by giving them positive feedback and confidence in the work that they are doing and producing in class. Re-enforcing the stages of engage, study and activate.This lesson was straight forward. I am confident in my ability to teach English effectively. I am also confident in my ability to teach English while remaining classroom discipline/etiquette. However, I do feel that punishing my students for misbehaving or not following the rules will be the most difficult, especially if I am teaching adults.