For vs Since - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


In this video, we break down the difference between the usage of "for" and "since". Both of these words are used when talking about time, which is why they often cause confusion for many English learners. However, the difference in the usage of the two words is actually qutie easy. The word "since" is used when referring to a point or exact moment in time, such as in this example: I have been living in this house since 2005. The year 2005 is a point or exact moment in time and therefore, we need to use 'since'. "For", on the other hand, is used for a period or duration of time, such as in this example: I have been living in this house for 12 years; 12 years is a duration of time, and therefore we need to use 'for'. As you can see, all you need to do is figure out whether you are reffering to a point in time or a period of time.

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In this unit, I learned about teaching pronunciation and phonology. This unit covered very in-depth topics such as methods of pronouncing, where to put stress, methods of articulation, and how certain sounds are made. The unit also covered the alphabet used for pronunciation, and how to read the characters for an exact pronunciation of a word.Past Tenses is one of my struggling lessons during my secondary but I was fascinated on irregular verbs but now that I'm taking up my TEFL It caught my attention to have this desire to continue to learn and master this Tenses so that my teaching career will be more successful specially I wanted to pursue my goal to be a Native English Teacher.