Borrow vs Lend - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


In this video Linda discusses the difference between two words that are often confused: "borrow" and "lend". Because the two words have similar meanings it makes it hard to identify the correct word, especially for non-native speakers. The difference is solely down to perspective. "Borrow" is a verb that means to receive something from someone with the expectation that you will return it to them. While "lend" is also a verb, it means to give something to someone with the expectation that they will give it back to you. Therefore, you need to make sure you use the right word depending on the perspective.

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I had never really thought of phrasal verbs before, let alone whether or not they were separable vs. inseparable. I imagine that they can be extremely confusing for English learners to figure out, so this unit was really helpful for me in that it pointed out something that I did not stop to think about and showed me exactly how to think about it.Chapter 4 continued to illuminate things that I inherently knew as a Native English Speaker but had since forgotten or had never learned. I enjoyed this chapter because I have a love of language. And again, as I said in previous test endings, I like learning the proper term for something that I've known all this time but didn't have a name for.