Assure vs Insure vs Ensure - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


In this video Linda explains the differences between "assure", "insure" and "ensure". They not only sound similar, but those three words also make an outcome sure but they are in no way interchangeable. "Assure" is used to speak out a promise or say something with confidence, for example "I assure you that he is a great lawyer". "Ensure" is used to make something certain, such as here: "Please ensure that you will be home at five o'clock today"."Insure" means to protect an object against risk by buying an insurance policy from an insurance company, like here: "I insure my television because it was expensive". Once you have realized the three different meanings and usages, there is no way you'll confuse them again.

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I found very helpful the simple explanation from all parts of a speech. Easy to understand and to be used in our grammar lessons. To divide every part with examples and short explanation give me a better understanding of verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc. Quite complicated part of our lessons but needed to make the right sentences in the language.This lesson covers teacher-student interactions and the best ways to manage a classroom. Some topics include seating arrangements and the pros and cons of each, gaining and releasing control over the classroom. It also went into some specifics regarding teacher vocal tonality, eye contact, and use of gesture as means to conduct class activities.