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Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching. This convenient, highly structured design means that you can quickly get to grips with each section before moving onto the next.

After reading Unit 6 I understood better the system and structure of Past Tenses. I also found out more about usages that teachers need to be familiar with in order to teach their students effectively. I learned different methods and ideas for presenting these tenses to students. All this material will give me more confidence while teaching in future.This unit provided vital information on how a teacher can set up their lessons when they are focusing on things such as vocabulary and language structure. Through providing examples, I learned from this unit that I have a variety of methods in which I can engage my students when they are learning difficult things like vocabulary and language structure.