Teach English in ZhongzhuAng Jiedao - Zunyi Shi

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This unit is about the various past tenses and similar to unit 4, present tenses, but relates to things that happened in the past. In the past simple form add ED to the base form of the verb and is used for actions completed at a definite time. The past continuous we add ING to the base veranda use WAS / WERE in the sentence. It expresses an action, which began before a given time and is continuous. In the past perfect tense form we add HAD and use the past participle. It represents actions that occurred before other actions in the past. Finally, the past perfect continuous tense we add HAD BEEN in the sentence and as in the pas continuous we add ING to the base verb. It indicates long actions or situations that had been going on continuously up to the moment we are thinking about it.