Teach English in Yongning Zhen - Yangjiang Shi

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Unit Eleven explains receptive skills and the best way to teach them. Receptive skills are reading and listening. The reasons or motives behind reading/listening skills are for a purpose and for entertainment. Often they can be both. We read/listen with our eyes, ears, and most importantly our minds. The skills involved in reading/listening are predictive skills, specific information (scanning), general idea (skimming), finding detailed information, and deducing from the context. Some problems can arise when teaching reading/listening skills. These deal with language, topics, interest, and task. Sentence length, word length, and the number of unfamiliar words can create problems with language. Reading is often easier because students can reread a text, but listening is harder since there is not visual to go back to. To elevate language problems teachers can pre-teach vocabulary or carefully select the text. Selecting a certain topic can help with motivation. The task shouldn?t be too easy or difficult and having comprehension tasks adds in understanding. The unit ended with an example lesson/activities and the key to a successful receptive skills lesson. These keys are: choose material that interest/motivate, build interest before reading/listening, pre-teach complex vocabulary/structures, vary the type of material, use material to practice different skills, use realistic comprehension tasks to aid understanding, and incorporate active phases that normally lead on from the text.