Teach English in Yashao Zhen - Yangjiang Shi

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This unit covered the grammar points of modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs and active/passive voice. With regard to modal auxiliary verbs I already had a reasonable knowledge of the subject due to research done whilst studying past units, still this unit reaffirmed and strengthened my understanding of this area of grammar particularly in the manner that they are expressed in the past, present and future tenses. In regards to passive and active voice I learned the difference between the two (the differences on weather the emphasis is on the subject or agent) as well as the forms they take in regard to tense used. A part of the unit I feel I learnt the most from was the section covering phrasal verbs, it is an area I found challenging to understand initially and though an the area I still personally feel weakest on and by far found most challenging to learn I now feel I have a more confident grasp on the differentiation three different types: .Intransitive = Phrasal verbs that cannot be followed by a specified object. .separable transitive = Phrasal verbs that can have a specified object inserted between the two words, whilst still maintain sense. .Inseparable transitive = Phrasal verbs in which the specified object in the sentence cannot be inserted between the two words. Overall this unit has proven the most challenging one for me so far but I feel it has undoubtedly proven most rewarding in my understanding of these select aspects of English grammar and how best to teach them.