Teach English in Tanshui Zhen - Yangjiang Shi

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It is important to use eye contact, gesture and different tone of voice during lessons. These factors can encourage students' participation, let them focus more during class, create a more friendly and warm classroom, and etc. The arrangement of students during activities can provide different learning opportunities. The students' talk time with the teacher and other students varies depending on which method used, but there is no limit to the way a teacher can group students. The sitting of students in a class can affect the atmosphere of the classroom. There are a few things to consider when placing students in their seats. Most of the time orderly rows arrangement is used as it is easier for the teacher to control the class. Separate tables arrangement can be useful for the teacher to work with different tables at a time. To keep establish a good rapport in the classroom, it is important for the classroom to have a relaxed atmosphere. The seating plan, giving students attention, the balance between teacher and student talk time, giving clear and simple instructions, having a positive attitude, and etc. are all important aspects for good rapport. Maintaining discipline is equally as important when managing the classroom. It is difficult to prevent all behavioral problems. But when a teacher needs to respond to it, patience and calmness are major factors. Because without being patient and calm, it will be very easy to start shouting thus affect the classroom rapport and the students.