Teach English in ShuAngjiao Zhen - Yangjiang Shi

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When you learn a language, you develop both receptive skills and productive skills. Receptive skills include understanding when you listen and when you read. You receive the language and decode the meaning to understand the message. Productive skills are speaking and writing. You use the language that you have acquired and produce a message through speech or written text that you want others to understand. When you are ?learning English? you are learning all of these skills. You will be strong in some and weak in others. Your classmate may have different strengths and weaknesses than you. That is why you shouldn?t try to compare yourself to others. Receptive and Productive Vocabulary Another example of receptive and productive skills is related to your study of vocabulary. It is easy to develop your receptive vocabulary. You can study words independently, memorizing the definitions, the word forms, the collocations and different uses of the words in context. Your receptive vocabulary can grow and when you see a list of words to study in your class, you might recognize some of them already. That?s great but do you use these words correctly when you speak or write? If you do, they have moved into your productive vocabulary. This is the goal of your vocabulary study in the Languages Institute. You will see many new words in your reading texts or hear some in the listening exercises but the words you study are ones that you should try to use when you write or speak.