Teach English in Rudong Zhen - Yangjiang Shi

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In this unit, I learned about the various methods to teaching English. The method I am most familiar with, from my studies of foreign language, is \"grammar-translation,\" although I realize this may not be the best method when teaching English, given that I will likely be unfamiliar with the language of my students. As someone who has no formal teaching education, I found it interesting to learn about ESA - Engage, Study, and Activate. One thing that stood out was the various elicitation techniques. I was already prepared to use the majority of these techniques, but \"ask for the question\" and \"lists\" were new. When creating lists, I hope to engage the quieter/shy students. If they don't initially understand the category, but they hear the other students responses, they may pick up on the topic and join in. After learning about the various elicitation techniques, I learned the different approaches for ESA lessons: Straight Arrow, Patchwork, and Boomerang. Depending on the topic of the lesson and the amount of time in class, I'd likely have a chance to use each approach. I also learned several teaching ideas for each aspect of ESA. I hope to use all of these ideas at some point in the future! Finally, I learned the proper way to correct students. As I have been a student for the majority of my life, I can easily relate to this topic. I particularly enjoyed learning the difference between a mistake and an error. Overall, this was a very informational lesson and I'm excited for what's next!