Teach English in Pomian Zhen - Yangjiang Shi

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What I learnt from Unit 13 is about teaching pronunciation and phonology. Form my point of view, I guess it is the hardest ?learning? process from all the teaching method. Because it is require skills and confidence in term of teaching the materials to students. Skilled pronunciation teaching also gives life to a class because it reflects feeling and personal reactions to different situations. First is the term of Phonology (pho-nol-o-gy) is the study, science, analysis and classification of the physical properties of sounds. It is used to indicate the whole sound system of a particular language. In learning phonology, students have to deal with the areas of: intonation, stress, and rhythm. Intonation is carries the message (volume and pitch) in a sentence, express of emotions and to give the difference between questions and statement. Intonations has three patterns: Normal (rise/fall), fall/rise and flat. Stress word is the principal emphasis in the sentence. Its mean to help distinguish the meaning of the word or phase. In this unit also talk about the articulation of speech. Articulation is describe as the movement of using speech organs (the tongue, larynx, hard and soft palate, glottis and other speech organs in ways that make speech sounds. In conclusion, in order for the students to advance in pronunciation and phonology it will require a lot of speaking and communication practice so they will aware the importance of accuracy and clarity of spelling the correct words.