Teach English in PinggAng Zhen - Yangjiang Shi

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There will always be some problems we face inside the classroom, on this unit we talked about the common things that can happen and how to handle them. For inexperienced teacher, the first lesson can be hard for them since they need to built rapport with the students. The new group consists of new students that don't know each other and unfamiliar with the EFL methods. The existing group, are the ones who already know each other, how the class will be and already have knowledge about the EFL teaching. We can make some activities likes survey, pass the ball game and needs analysis to know more about the student. Warmer is something that can inspire students and motivate them to use English inside the classroom, we can do some hangman, pictionary, tongue twisters and memory games activities. Having different level of students to teach can be hard because the strong ones will be bored if they do not like the lesson that are for the weaker ones. The weaker ones will feel frustrated that they are falling behind if we make the lesson harder. The things we can do about this are: we should use different material and splitting them into 2 groups (strong group and the weak group). We can pair the strong students with the weak students. Large classes is hard to control, some students might not be able to hear you or see the board clearly. To cover for this problem we can use worksheets, have a pair or group work, appoint a group leader to help use during handing worksheets and help us control the group.