Teach English in Gangmei Zhen - Yangjiang Shi

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After watching both videos (and I can attest to this), the teacher controls the outcome and student's learning environment entirely. In the first video, the teacher was very dark. Never smiled, discourage the students by saying the work they were doing was \"easy\" and that \"anyone\" can do it. This in fact worked against the teacher in that the students felt discouraged and thus, affected their willingness to participate. He also seemed very unprepared, not knowing how to address a student's questions (can vs. could), looking over his papers (lesson plan?), and the list goes on. There was no pairwork, the participation was very minimal if anything, he didn't know his student's names he didn't even introduce himself if I recall), he sat down a lot while having conversations with the student next to him, and so forth. And in result, the students were intimidated and confused. A perfect example of how NOT to lead a class. Then there's the second video, complete opposite. Lively, the teacher smiled, was more prepared, had a proper lesson plan/structure, participation was very active, knew his student's by name, never sat down, and the pace was completely different (slow, used gestures for easier understanding). And in result, students felt they were in a safe environment, actively participated, and looked like they actually enjoyed the lesson. We as instructors/teachers have the ability to make or break students' learning experiences. I find it important to keep this in mind going into every class.