Teach English in Dongping Zhen - Yangjiang Shi

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From this introductory Unit, I have learned what makes a good teacher and a good learner. An interesting thought is that a good teacher makes a good learner, which is worth to bear in mind in order to become better in teaching. I have found out about the roles that a teacher can take while in class. It is important to choose what this or that part of the lesson should be - teacher-centered or student-centered. This is largely dictated by the type of activity concerned. It is always important to involve and engage the students. It's important to understand the difference between adults and young learners. Adults, for example, are more motivated, nervous due to their anxiety to lose their face, they are less able to absorb new language models, have a greater attention span and a larger life experience which can help in discussions. There are cultural differences that should be considered as well. Students from some Asian countries tend to respect the teacher, but they can be less eager to take an active part in discussions unless spoken to. A good teacher should be aware of possible cultural customs and mentality in order to be successful. There are also different language levels that distinguish different levels of ability in the English language. There is a question of motivation that should be kept in mind as well since a motivated student has a greater chance of success, which is a common goal both for the student and the teacher. Hopefully, this new knowledge will help me in the future.