Teach English in DabA Zhen - Yangjiang Shi

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This unit starts with a concise introduction and discussion of major methodologies adopted in ELT. Then it introduces the methodology of 'ESA' teaching which has been developed by Jeremy Harper and has been regarded as 'effective' and 'logical' by this course. It is followed by the introduction of 'elicitation' which is an important component of 'ESA'. Later, it continues to introduce in detail the methodology of 'ESA' in the aspect of its variations and offer valuable examples for each of the three stages of 'ESA' teaching. At last, it discusses the ways of giving feedback and suggests the teachers maintain a positive attitude. I have been inspired by several points discussed in this unit. Firstly, I have learned that when adopting techniques and strategies in ELT, it is important to be creative and to verify the methods. If the teacher always follows the same technique and strategy in ELT then the students would soon lose interest in learning the language and think learning language is boring. Also I have learned that it is important to tailor the activity ideas to students' levels and needs. It would be a good idea to use introduction prompts for low level students, and use the activity of consequences for medium level students and communication games for high level students. Last but not least, always remember to be positive when giving feedback to students and when doing mistake/error correction. A positive attitude would encourage students to try more and be creative in language learning.