Teach English in Chengbei Jiedao - Yangjiang Shi

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There are several styles of teaching methods, and teachers should vary their methods to keep lessons fresh and engaging. All lessons must begin with the engagement phase and end with the activation phase, but may be varied in between with the order and amount of study phases and additional activation stages. I do, however, think that it is important to have time in a lesson to shortly review what was learned in the last class period before moving on to a new topic, so I will most likely incorporate review into the engagement phase, combining old material with the new topic that will be learned that day. It is also important to find a balance of the amount and type of feedback given to students when correcting and praising work. This unit really excited me for teaching because it reminded me how creative I can be when devising lesson plans. Several of the language games suggested were games I used at the summer camp I worked at in college, and plan to draw on several other camp games as a base for new language games. One difficulty I think I may have is using only English in the classroom. I speak the language of the country where I plan to teach, and therefore may struggle with impatience when trying to teach a concept that students are not understanding in English when I know that I may be able to more effectively communicate the concept in their native language. However, this will just require more creativity on my end to communicate the concept in English in a new way that students will understand.