Teach English in BaishA Jiedao - Yangjiang Shi

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In unit 1 I learned about the characteristics required to be a good teacher, and the characteristics I should look for in my students to consider them good students. I also learned about the different roles of a teacher, which were very interesting to me, because I was unaware of all of the different roles a teacher could pay in the classroom. It is also interesting how many of these roles can switch within moments during a class. Next, I learned the different age levels, and their different characteristics. This part was interesting, because I got to get a better view of which kind of student age group I might be interested in teaching in the future, keeping in mind the different motivations, experiences, and behaviors that each age group has. Then I learned about, the different level of students that I may encounter from starter, to upper intermediate. This was also interesting, because it helped me understand that not everyone may be on the same level, and that there are different ways to approach each student, depending on their level in speaking the language. Finally, I learned about the different reasons I may have a student in my class. This was something I already had an idea about, but was still useful to learn about and reinforce the thought in my mind, that there are many reasons why a student may desire to learn English. All in all, This Unit was very good and useful in teaching me about general, but very important, basic topics required when beginning a class or starting to teach.