Teach English in Xijin Jiedao - Xuancheng Shi

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I liked the part of the detailed skills of listening and reading.I benefit a lot from the part of how to achieve successful receptive skill lesson.Yet ,I needed to know effective ways f the pre-teaching phase of the vocabulary.Moreover,I wanted to know more about reading strategies.in addition,the unit must include rubrics for text selection.IN OUR DAY TO DAY ACTIVITIES, WE REALIZED THAT MANY PEOPLE HAVE DIFFICULTY IN CONSTRUCTING SENTENCES USING THE TENSES.YOU CAN EASILY SPORT SOMEONE WHO WHO IS FLUENT IN ENGLISH BY THE USE OF THEIR TENSES.SO IN CONCLUSION A GOOD AND FLUENT STUDENT HAVE TO MASTER THE VARIOUS TENSES, SO THAT THEIR CONFIDENCE IN SPEAKING THE LANGUAGE WILL INCREASE