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Teach English in TongguAnshAnquxuni Jiedao, Tongling Shi
This unit teached me how the phases come into theoratical order and come into effect and how the students do discussions and lessons to produce confidence and address errors and study and become confident around the classroom
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Teach English in TongshAn Zhen, Tongling Shi
This unit continues the coverage of the English tense system by examining the past tenses (Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, and Past Perfect Continuous)
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Teach English in Wusong Zhen, Tongling Shi
This unit has given me a bunch of different ideas on actual lesson content which includes ideas for the engagement phase, ideas for the study phase as well as ideas for the activate phase
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Teach English in Xinmiao Jiedao, Tongling Shi
The are many various ways how to teach students grammar, sometimes we can just teach words to extend the vocabulary, sometimes we should apply to their non verbal side
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Teach English in Xuba XiAng, Tongling Shi
this was a really helpful unit as it gave me a greater understanding of the future tense, its still a lot to take in and will take lots of revision as will all the tenses, but it seemed easier than all the other tenses in previous units
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Teach English in Xunhuanjingjiyuan, Tongling Shi
Here're a couple of things that I've realized, moving from the first unit to 15th: the main thing is that it's getting a little bit harder to write down a unit reflection from lesson to lesson, because there're much information in every lesson, and I definitely have to memorize and digest it
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