Teach English in Shanghu Zhen - Shanwei Shi

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This unit demonstrated the ESA method of teaching with a real class and a teacher. It showed two videos of basically what not to do during teaching a class and what to do during teaching a class. I learned the importance of smiling and really engaging the students in the first phase including making them feel comfortable by learning their names, introducing yourself and keeping it light. The first lesson video was important because it showed how awkward the class can be when the teacher seems uninterested in really wanting to teach and being unfriendly. Also telling students repeatedly that something in the lesson should be \"easy\" makes them uncomfortable to participate because they feel bad when they don't get it and are afraid to ask questions because they think they should know what the teacher is explaining as he kept saying over and over that it was easy. He also did most of the talking during the whole lesson which meant that the students didn't get to practice what they were trying to learn anyway. Having the second lesson right after showed the stark contrast and how just being more friendly, smiling and engaging with the students made the whole classroom atmosphere fun, enjoyable and students were ready to participate. The students also had a very good amount of talk time and were able to grasp the concepts from the engage phase that helped them learn in the study phase the new teaching points and apply them in the activate stage. In the second lesson the students benefited from the lesson as the teacher had the right attitude and planned the \"straight arrow\" ESA lesson accordingly.