Teach English in Jiazi Zhen - Shanwei Shi

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Teachers use a multitude of materials in their class rooms to help all students improve their skills in a variety of ways. Unit seventeen contains detailed information on equipment and teaching aids in the class room and their uses. Some of the materials highlighted were the overhead projector (OHP), the white board, the interactive white boards (IWB), visuals, worksheets, cassette players, dictionaries, computers, video cameras, photocopiers, and the list goes on and on. Most of these materials I have seen in my own class room as I went through my elementary, middle and high school education. The IWB are seen more in the classroom due to the advanced technology but there was usually always a white board at the front of the classroom. Nonetheless, some of the resources I would like to use in the class room in the future are video/DVD aids, worksheets, and a dictionary. The video/DVD is used to help explain a hypothetical dialogue would be in a different country. This could aid students with this visual understanding rather than solely listening to their pronunciation and intonation without any meaning behind it. Worksheets are useful when making sure the student understand the lesson fully, therefore are one of the key parts to a study phase activities. The dictionary helps to improve language as well as where to use the term and how to say it. As the unit states dictionaries are useful but should also not be used too much within the classroom or they could be relied on too heavily. Overall, I learned about many teaching aids to use in the classroom and how to use them for the future class I could teach.