Teach English in Donghai'an Linchang - Shanwei Shi

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There?s a number of methods and techniques regarding teaching English. However, their efficiency and results obtained will depend on whether or not they were the best option for the students when the lesson was taking place. Like highlighted in unit 1, the success of the lesson depends on whether or not the students are motivated, exposed to the language and have the opportunity to use it. The teacher must therefore ensure that his lesson provides all those aspects to his students; prepares his lesson accordingly, not disregarding his students? culture (so that he can adapt himself to what would be most appropriate/useful/clear to them) and also show flexibility in order to let the students? creativity and motivation flow. I think that no matter how experienced and prepared a teacher is the key to his success in teaching English and getting his students to be motivated, confident and not being afraid to explore and try would be his ability to really look at his students and adapt whenever it is needed. As what matters most isn?t delivering the lesson in the exact way intended but in the most efficient way possible and in order to do that a teacher must have a good balance of following the flow of his students so that they feel encouraged and motivated but at the same time finding the right time to prompt and correct when necessary and therefore pick which method would be the most efficient in the moment. As mentioned at the end of the unit, the correction part of each lesson and how it?s done is an essential part of the learning and then again should be carefully adapted to the students.