Teach English in Xiaodong Zhen - Qinzhou Shi

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Unit 3 provides a brief overview of various teaching methodologies used in the past and present, summarizes what attributes all these methodologies have in common, and provides basic lesson outline strategies and ideas. Much focus is placed on when and how correction should be given, with an emphasis on the difference between errors and mistakes, and the importance of praise. The three main aspects of a lesson are engage, study, and activate. When at all possible, teachers are advised to allow students to first self-correct, then elicit peer correction, and finally teacher correction as a last resort. While this advice makes sense for older students, I found that when teaching young children ages 4-7, it was best to allow students to self-correct instead of opting for peer-correction, since peer correction often led to the student feeling embarrassed and afraid to participate (especially for very shy children). However I found that peer-correction was excellent for competition games! Overall I learned a lot from this unit, and will be sure to look back on it when devising lesson plans and looking for ideas for engage, study, and activate phases.