Teach English in Wenli Zhen - Qinzhou Shi

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Unit 2 was about language teaching theories and methodologies. I learned that there are many ways to teach language, in contrast to the methods I was taught by when I took Spanish in high school and college many years ago.I believe I was taught mostly under the Audio-lingualism theory and methods. As a former secondary science teacher, I am finding it interesting to note theories and methods similar to those I used in science such as Community Language Learning. Methods such as using ready-made pictures, or drawing an image such as a volcano erupting on the board were methods I used frequently and hence am very familiar with. Of course elicitation was a practice I used a lot also at the beginning of a lesson. Sometimes I had students make concept maps where I gave them the first word and they had to write every other term-concept they already knew that was associated with it, below it in a hierarchical fashion, along with \"connecting words\" on 1 or 2 ways arrows from term to term horizontally. Then at the end of the lesson (usually at least a week long, often many weeks) students would draw another map and, when done, compare it to their first.