Teach English in Shiyong Zhen - Qinzhou Shi

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This unit was really difficult because I had to remember the whole university course on pronunciation and transcription. Sometimes it is easier to learn from the very beginning than remember topics studied 20 years ago. Intonation and correct pronunciation are responsible for the students? level of success in communication. Most of the syllabuses provide the knowledge of these topics in a very complicated, almost scientific ways, which makes the students just skip the related chapters. I think that the perfect pronunciation lesson consists of the combination of theory, games and video materials. I remember myself being bored to death trying to learn by heart all the phonology terms. Of course, the general vision of the theory should be provided, but practicing the sounds using audio and video materials to my mind is more effective when working on the sounds. I also believe that after learning the reading rules, transcription will only be needed to check the spelling of the really confusing words. Anyway, it was nice to know that I haven't forgotten the whole idea of the phonology, and I hope that I have completed this test with good results.