Teach English in Pingmu Zhen - Qinzhou Shi

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A good teacher is more concentrated on their students' learning rather than their own teaching. A good teacher needs to be patient and respectful when giving correction. They need to know their subject and fair to all the children. I think the most important is having a good rapport with the class, because if the teacher and students can interact well, the students will be more receptive to what they are being taught. Adult and younger learners differ in regards to live experiences, behaviors, and motivations. Adults have more life experience and are motivated on their own to learn the language. They may have more anxiety or nervousness about learning the language. Younger learners are typically more open because of the limited life experience, but have shorter attention span and are usually not there of their own accord. Where a student is in their level is divided up based on how well they are able to speak and use vocabulary and verbs. Beginner is the very first and basic level. Elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate all build upon each other on the range and variety of topics as well as accuracy when using the language.