Teach English in Nanzhu Jiedao [incl. Zicai Jiedao] - Qinzhou Shi

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Despite what may have been mentioned for Unit 2, Unit 3 follows through perfectly in adapting some of the previous terms and use them in a far more subtle way to enhance the subject material of the current unit. Unit 3 gave a well put description of the various methodologies used throughout the decades and last few centuries of teaching. It was a more subtle history lesson when compared to the attached unit video which made mention of the philosophical debate on Nature Vs. Nurture. There were many hints of it in the text but most wouldn't be able to make a direct co-relation unless they watched the video before reading through the chapter. That or possibly be more awake and aware than I was while studying. Probably one of the most important aspects would be that of error correction, and how/when to use it. The description was well put and easy to pic up. Like the text said, however, (to paraphrase) error correction is a skill that will take both great experience and time to perfect and master. Having a good idea of where to begin is a great foundation to start from. Overall this unit was a pleasure to go through and I can't wait to read Unit 4.