Teach English in Luwu Zhen - Qinzhou Shi

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Unit 8 is focused on teaching the productive skills of speaking and writing and include games related to those. The unit discusses the differences between accuracy and fluency and where each should be concentrated on. The unit goes over the different kinds of speaking activities and how to encourage interaction and participation. it also gives a free speaking example lesson in the typical straight arrow ESA format. This unit also focuses on writing and specifically creative writing and has noted regarding handwriting, punctuation, and spelling. There is a good example lesson plan for writing included here as well. Lastly this unit goes over games in the classroom. I have learned the distinction between accuracy and fluency and it is my personal opinion that lesson plans based on fluency tend to be more engaging and motivate the students very well. This is based on my past experiences teaching English. I believe that this is because the students are allowed to be creative and can therefore choose the topic (to an extent) that they will write about which means that in nearly every case they will be at least somewhat interested in the material.