Teach English in Guitai Zhen - Qinzhou Shi

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I learned a lot from the opening of this unit, \"...change his/her role according to the activity or scenario.\" This was already stated in a previous unit, but I found myself being conscious of this as I continue to teach piano. There are times where I can see the student is thinking or trying to find the answer on his/her own. But there are also times when the student is not saying anything and just sitting there pretending that they are thinking, but they are really not. I'm getting better at determining whether a student is trying, or 'freezing up' because they do not know. I also liked the idea of saying a student's name after the question has been asked, rather than before. That is a good way to keep all students focused on what's being discussed. One thing I never really was aware of was teacher talk time vs. student talk time. I never realized this, but when I teach my piano students whenever they feel they want to say something I always let them speak. But sometimes they get too comfortable and talk for no reason. There are times I have to interrupt my student and continue teaching; especially since my lessons are only 30 minutes per session.