Teach English in Fozi Zhen - Qinzhou Shi

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In the introductory sentence of this unit it was made clear that this is the part of grammar that teachers and often students struggle with the most. I would like to agree with this statement because I found it intensely difficult to wrap my head around a concept I have been using everyday , being an English native speaker. Learning the intricate formation of the tenses in the English language has proven to be the most challenging part of this course thus far . The form of the present continuous tense for example that is made up of ( subject + aux . verb 'be ' + verb + ing ) is something I know by example but have never really thought about in sum theory. Some of the typical errors students make in the present continuous tense, for example \" he watching tv .\" is a common error as stated in the course work and is easy to correct but to think about why and how the error is made is again something I need to really sit down and think about. I have now learnt all the intricate parts that make up the tense system and will make sure I remember how it all fits together when teaching it and correcting student errors with the correct reasons I have been taught.