Teach English in Zhengtun Zhen - Qianxinan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizh

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This unit was a great repetition and summary of the same units from the main course, and very useful for reminding very important factors about designing a proper lesson for the students. The materials used in a classroom, lesson planing and class management, are all important and in my opinion intertwined subjects that create a healthy lesson if understood and used well. In the previous course, we were shown the ESA methodology, and in this unit EP mothodology was introduced priefly, though i can say, that it reminded me of Boomerang style of ESA. As an inexperienced teacher, and hoping to start my career soon, I still have doubts and worries about classroom management, especially if the size of the class is big and the students are teenagers. As mentioned in the previous course and now, I try to hold on to these valuable informations by heart, and hoping to do my best!