Teach English in Puping Zhen - Qianxinan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizh

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This lesson was about lesson planning and it was very helpful. My first year as an ESL Teacher my school always made me do lesson plans, and they wanted me to stick to the lesson plan no matter what. I felt that this was very strict and rigid. I feel as a teacher we should leave wiggle room to make changes during the lesson just in case there are some problems. This lesson taught me that lesson plans should never be scripted, and you should keep them as simple as possible. Another thing that I learned is when doing a lesson plan you should always include a few things such as objective, goals, class level, class size, and observer's names. I think that all of this information is extremely helpful for me going forward especially if I work with children again. In the future I feel that the information that I learned from this lesson will make lesson planning less stressful for me.