Teach English in Pingdong Jiedao - Qianxinan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizh

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This unit describes various methodologies for teaching ESL, but overall rejects those in favor of the ESA model. The ESA model is then describe in detail and supplemented with ideas for activities for each phase. I now have a more precise understanding of the goals of each phase of the lesson and how to apply that understanding when writing lesson plans. Also, the discussion of the difference between mistakes and errors, when to correct students and in what matter was very gratifying as it reinforced my own beliefs and current practices. I also find the flexibility of Patchwork Lessons to be very helpful in the classroom, but like that there is some structure in the rule about always beginning with and 'Engage' and ending with an 'Activate'. The key for symbols for correcting student writing is different from what I am familiar with and that will take some practice to implement.