Teach English in Luchuying Huizu XiAng - Qianxinan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizh

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In Unit 19: Teaching Special Groups, the content relates to teaching styles for different types of classes. The unit begins with a description of teaching a group of beginners, who can vary in English experience. Teaching a group of students is also much different than teaching individuals, which is also discussed. Teaching children can be a tough task, because children need to be more active in the classroom than any other group, and are easily bored. This is different from teaching business English, which usually includes adult learners who are not necessarily as easily bored, but are more likely to be tired and have sporadic schedules. The details (and pros and cons) of monolingual and multilingual classes are also discussed. Ultimately, I learned a lot about different groups of people in English classrooms, and how to properly adjust my teaching skills when dealing with them.