Teach English in DiguA Zhen - Qianxinan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizh

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In this final unit I learned how to handle different class sizes. I learned that with a larger class I should use more group and pair work and less individual work because of time restraints. When students have trouble with listening texts I learned that it is okay to play the tape many times, and to go over some new or difficult vocabulary before playing the recording to ensure better comprehension. If students are reluctant to participate in the class, especially with oral presentations, I should not FORCE them to participate, but rather encourage or try doing other activities until better rapport has developed in the class, or the student in question has gained more confidence. Forcing a student to do something they don't want to (unless it is taking a test or something required by the school) as it could cause a student to feel discouraged or resentful towards learning english.