Teach English in Chengnan Jiedao - Qianxinan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizh

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Tests are one of the ways a student's progress can be monitored. It is common, at the beginning of a class, for students to be given a placement test, which allows the teacher to know the English proficiency of students entering the class. There are also formal progress tests, which are administered throughout the course to assess how the students are progressing. Many teachers feel these tests are not necessary, as they feel that they can better assess a child's progress by monitoring them day to day; however, progress tests are often a required part in the institutions teachers and students find themselves. Lastly there are external tests, designed to measure proficiency for the purposes of immigration, university, or career-related goals. Teachers can give their students practice tests for whichever test they plan on taking in order to give them confidence and help them prepare.