Teach English in Changtian Zhen - Qianxinan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizh

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Unit 15 focuses on Testing and Evaluation. This section exposes us to the types of testing and evaluation needed to understand the levels and needs of students, workers and anyone needing to speak and learn English. What is also important is offering progress exams and diagnostic exams to better understand where students may need additional review and focused teaching. There are a variety of outside exams that are used for evalution to assess the varying levels of people in their languages skills that is applied for work purposes, university studies and for people who may be immigrating to a country that speaks English. There is disagreement among teachers about language testing because it may only test for memorization skills and not actual usage of the language. All varying types of exams included the balance of skills: Reading Comprehension, Writing, Speaking and Listening.