Teach English in Zhouxi Zhen - Qiandongnan Miaozu Dongzu Zizhi

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This unit taught the proper usage of the four past tense verb forms: past simple, past perfect, past continuous and past perfect continuous. It explained when to use the tenses as well as examples of the various usages for each tense. I learned more about my own native English language grammar in this unit and how to comfortably teach it to others. This unit was very vital as verb tenses is something that native speakers of foreign languages often have difficulties with. The rules for the past tenses are very similar to those of the present tense which helps to remember the formation of past tense verbs. I particularly found the examples beneficial as it allowed me to understand the rules in use. The activate stage teaching ideas helps tremendously as it gives future English teachers support in how to teach past verb tenses in an active, fun way so that the students can grasp the concept of how to properly use these verbs and when to use them.