Teach English in TiAnxing XiAng - Qiandongnan Miaozu Dongzu Zizhi

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This unit was about teaching equipment and aids that are commonly available to teachers in classrooms and schools. The section regarding IWBs was useful to me because the school I currently work at recently bought an IWB and we teachers are still learning how to use it. Reading about the type of lessons that can possibly be done with IWB software motivates me to ask my supervisors more about it. I enjoy using digital media and technology in my lessons and hopefully I can learn more about IWB software from my supervisor in order to create new types of lessons. Also in this unit, it was helpful to learn about online sources available to teachers. While I have already heard of many of these resources such as Dave's ESL Cafe and EnglishClub.net, I had never used sources like Learning English with the BBC. I already enjoy talking about current events with my advanced students, so this site will be useful for getting additional topics for discussions.