Teach English in SAnjiAng Zhen - Qiandongnan Miaozu Dongzu Zizhi

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Unit 13 zooms in on how to teach pronunciation and highlights concepts of phonology and phonetics. The international phonetic alphabet (IPA) is introduced and the unit deals with the areas of stress, rhythm and intonation. While I found this unit useful and interesting, I personally think that teaching students the international phonetic alphabet (IPA) is more confusing than helpful. I am a non-native speaker myself and I?d never learned the phonetic alphabet before. Even so, I still managed to attain native-level fluency in English. Growing up in The Netherlands where none of the English language TV-series or films are dubbed (Dutch subtitles are used instead), I can honestly say that I?ve learned English pronunciation from watching TV. While I would happily teach my students the IPA if they asked for it, I?d rather they spend time watching and listening to as many English language TV programmes, films and songs as they have access to.