Teach English in Jingyang Buyizu XiAng - Qiandongnan Miaozu Dongzu Zizhi

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This unit covers about coursebooks and lesson materials. I have learnt about two types of lesson materials; authentic and created materials. Authentic materials are anything that we would hear, read, or find in real life situation, for example a news broadcast from television, an interview in the radio, an advertisement from magazines, and so on. Created materials are anything that a teacher designs on his or her own to replace or supplement materials from coursebooks, for example crosswords puzzles, hidden words, anagrams, or role-play cards. While authentic materials can boost students' confidence because they know that the material is real, created materials can be a better option to suit students' learning level. Thus, a teacher has to combine these two materials wisely. Coursebooks also offer various advantages and disadvantages. A teacher should consider a lot of factors before selecting a particular coursebook, some of them are price, methodology, design, difficulty level, and the syllabus.