Teach English in Jihua XiAng - Qiandongnan Miaozu Dongzu Zizhi

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Modal verbs are used before other verbs in order to add meaning to them. The purpose of using them is to express degrees of ability, advice, obligation, permission, prohibition, possibility and probability, as well as a degree of formality. Passive voice can be formed only for transitive verbs. Intransitive verbs can not be used in the passive. In the passive voice the tense is shown by the auxiliary verb 'be'. Relative clause modifies the noun. It describes the noun, identifies it or adds additional information about the noun. Relative clauses can be defining and non-defining depending on the information is essential or not to the meaning of the sentence. For non-defining relative clauses use of commas is critical. Commas are placed before the relative pronoun and at the end of the clause. There are three types of phrasal verbs in English: intransitive, transitive separable and transitive inseparable. Phrasal verbs are very difficult to learn and it is recommended to learn them as vocabulary items.