Teach English in HuangpiAo XiAng - Qiandongnan Miaozu Dongzu Zizhi

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Pronunciation and phonology is a difficult topic to grasp and to teach. It is important however for the English learner to understand as the meaning of a sentence can change based on where in a sentence a word is stressed or on the intonation of the speaker. Intonation is important in relaying a statement or question and in expressing a specific emotion. If intonation is placed wrong the listener will understand differently from what was intended to be expressed. There are of course rules to follow regarding intonation, stress and rhythm, but as with all aspects of the English language there are exceptions to the rules, and it is with study and practice that the learner will begin to grasp these concepts. Perhaps some of the best ways to teach pronunciation and phonology is through the use of the phonemic alphabet (used in the dictionary to demonstrate how a word is to be pronounced) and demonstrating through diagrams and verbal examples their articulation (how the words are formed within the mouth).