Teach English in Diping Zhen - Qiandongnan Miaozu Dongzu Zizhi

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This unit provided me with a breakdown of the expectations of carrying out a lesson plan for a class. It was beneficial to know what an actual lesson plan looks like in order to have an idea of how to organize oneself as a teacher. I took a lot from Unit 3 on theories, methods, and techniques and applied my knowledge into how an ESA lesson plan would carry out. I had a bit of difficulty trying to figure out which order the activities for the study phase should be carried out in a case where a Patchwork ESA lesson plan is used. I wondered if it would be more efficient and effective to start off with certain study phase activities over the others (for example, if I should start with gap-fill activities before drilling definitions). I presume that it would be circumstantial, since each class would benefit differently depending on their language level. I believe that one of my strengths is my skill to keep things organized, so I am excited to experience creating my own lesson plan, as well as actually using it for a class.