Teach English in Yunbiao Zhen - Nanning Shi

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That first video was so bad it was almost painful to watch. It was so awkward. I liked seeing the second video and how the teacher flowed from activity to activity. I liked to see some of the different techniques in action for elicitation and demonstration. I also liked seeing student reactions to the material and difficulties they had. I also liked that the teacher made sure that everyone was clear on the vocabulary words at the beginning before moving on from there. In general I thought that the second video was a great example for how to naturally get students to move into higher levels of learning very smoothly. I loved the way the activities logically added on to each other and introduced each new thing one at a time before moving naturally into the next thing. I feel pretty confident in my ability to plan good activities that move from one thing to the next as well as being friendly and eliciting responses. I think that something I will work on is miming, gestures, drilling, and some of those skills specific to language learning that I haven't done before. These are things I may need to write into my lesson plans at first to remind myself to do them.