Teach English in YanAn Zhen - Nanning Shi

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This unit focuses on teaching the productive skills of speaking and writing. These skills are quite different from each other, but they do have the same purpose: to communicate. Writing may be thought of as the most neglected of the teaching skills in the TEFL world, but it is an important skill and a skill that is very demanding in terms of accuracy. Speaking on the other hand requires a great degree of fluency, as the speaker requires a greater degree of fluency than writing because a speaker will rarely have a chance to think and plan an answer as much as a writer can. Accuracy is usually a part of the study phase in the ESA teaching method, whereas fluency is usually part of the activate phase. Teaching speaking for accuracy and for fluency requires using different teaching activities. For example, a teacher can teach for accuracy by doing controlled activities such as drilling or repeating phrases of importance 3 by 3 in choral and in individual manners, while a teacher can teach for fluency during the activate phase of the lesson by using fluency-based activities such as free role-play, discussions, debates, simulations and communication games.