Teach English in Xinyang Jiedao - Nanning Shi

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For the first question in this unit, I chose no.2. as I myself am a student of Japanese and I find that when my mates do not share the same language as I, the only way I can talk with them is to use the L2 no matter how badly it trips out of my tongue. I have learned though that sometimes the mother tongue can be forgiving and after several attempts, soon my non-sense would eventually turn into sense. So for this reason, I would rather my students try to help each other in English. I find it very frustrating though, that upon being hired, most schools make business agreements with publishers, to push their books, so for example, if I am teaching a special needs school, like a fashion designer class, and my boss has made a side business agreement to recommend a book like ''side by side'' by Molinsky and Bliss, I always feel absolute strain to know that the class has got to be graded by that book`s standards and I am torn and at a loss between teaching them the English that is needed for their particular vocation. Especially when these teenagers only have 2 hours a month with me to learn everything they should know. Sometimes teaching English can be very sad.