Teach English in Wuling Zhen - Nanning Shi

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Teaching new lessons is always a challenge for teachers since students don't know each other and they are not familiar with EFL teaching. During the first class it is important that the teacher remember not to resort to the course book but instead to start with activities in order to get to know the students more, their needs and expectations. This could be done by a questionnaire and/or a ball game. Following we should have a warmer activity such as in every EFL class, where students basically break the ice and gets motivated through games. Managing different levels is a problem that I would preferably approach though paring stronger students with weaker ones, however I also learned that the methods aren't exclusive and teachers need to remain flexible enough to try different methods. It is also normal to have reluctant students at the beginning of the course. I vow that teachers should allow students a time frame and an open atmosphere to let them come our. It doesn't matter if they do it when being themselves or through a role play, or pretending to be a dinosaur, what's important is to use the language, event if is not grammatically correct at the moment.